Honoring those killed in the line of duty


The deaths listed in this box are not specific to the CCSO. They are taken directly from the Officer Down Memorial Page, a site that keeps track of all line-of-duty deaths across America, including those of K9 officers.

  • Officer down from the Phoenix Police Department (AZ)
    DATE OF DEATH: March 29, 2020 FULL DETAILS
  • Officer down from the Nevada Highway Patrol (NV)
    DATE OF DEATH: March 27, 2020 FULL DETAILS
  • Officer down from the North Carolina Highway Patrol (NC)
    DATE OF DEATH: March 27, 2020 FULL DETAILS
  • Officer down from the Washington State Patrol (WA)
    DATE OF DEATH: March 24, 2020 FULL DETAILS
  • Officer down from the Springdale Police Department (OH)
    DATE OF DEATH: March 21, 2020 FULL DETAILS


AGE: 29
TOUR: 4 years
END OF WATCH: Monday, August 31, 1998

Deputy William Crawley was shot and killed as he was escorting a woman to her residence so she could gather clothing and move out. Deputy Crawley was also serving a court order on the woman's husband to move out of the home when the suspect opened fire, killing both Deputy Crawley and the woman. The suspect then fled to another residence about 20 minutes north where a six hour standoff ensued. During the standoff a SWAT team attempted to take him into custody when his attention was diverted but he instead reached for a weapon and was shot numerous times.

Deputy Crawley had been with the Chesterfield County Sheriff's Department for 4 years and is survived by his wife, two children, mother, sister, and grandmother.


AGE: 46
TOUR: Unknown
END OF WATCH: Monday, July 14, 1924
CAUSE OF DEATH: Vehicular Assault

Officer Graves was killed when he was either pushed from or otherwise fell from a vehicle that had sped away from a checkpoint near the center of Pageland.

Officer Graves was assisting two Pageland officers at the checkpoint, which had been setup as a result of an earlier incident where a vehicle drove through town and the occupants were discharging a firearm.

A vehicle that had already gone through the checkpoint drove through again and stopped for a brief moment. The Pageland police chief and Officer Graves stepped on the running board but stepped back off once they recognized the occupants. As Officer Graves then stepped back onto the running board the driver of the vehicle sped away with his lights off at a high rate of speed. Officer Graves was able to hold on for about three blocks before he was either assaulted and pushed or fell from the vehicle.

The three occupants of the vehicle were arrested and charged with murder but were found not guilty at trial.

Officer Graves was survived by his wife and eight children.