Chief Deputy Rob Lee

Full Bio

Rob Lee -- a 24-year veteran with the South Carolina Highway Patrol -- began his career on August 19, 1990. In July of 2009, he was promoted to Captain over the state-wide Multi-Disciplinary Accident Investigation Team (M.A.I.T.). On April 19, 2013, Captain Lee was granted a leave of absence by the South Carolina Department of Public Safety to accept Governor Nikki Haley's appointment as Interim Sheriff of Chesterfield County. After serving 19 months as Interim Sheriff, he left the Highway Patrol to accept the position of Chief Deputy upon request of the newly-elected Sheriff.

During his tenure with the regional Pee Dee M.A.I.T., his unit never lost a court case. The unit also was the first M.A.I.T. unit in South Carolina to have Animation as well as air bag control module (ACM) data successfully introduced as evidence in Circuit Court.

Chief Deputy Lee served as Chairman of the SC Department of Public Safety's Pedestrian Committee and as Chairman of the SC Department of Transportation's Vulnerable Roadway Users Committee. He currently serves as co-chairman on the Governor's Motorcycle Safety Committee.

Chief Deputy Lee is retired from the Board of Directors of the South Carolina Association of Reconstruction Specialists (SCARS), and he is a member of the National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction Specialists (NAPARS). Chief Deputy Lee is a nationally-accredited collision reconstructionist through the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR).